The Julia Farr Housing Association (JFHA) has extensive experience designing and constructing housing for people living with disability.

If you are thinking about building your own home, we can assist.
Save time, money and frustration. Getting a great build is specialised work and we can be your guide in this process.

We can assist with:

  • House design – we can arrange low cost floor plans and building elevations. We will guide you on features and fittings that will assist your independence. Interested in incorporating technology? We can assist.
  • Approvals – we will coordinate the logistics and information required for local government consent. 
  • Builder appointment – we know builders who do great work, who are reliable and experienced in the necessary detail. We can put your job to tender and get a competitive, transparent price for you to consider. 
  • Contract management – we can assist you during the building process. We know when to inspect and what to look for to ensure the building process is as smooth as possible and meets your individual needs.

You can build on your land, or you can purchase a newly built dwelling which is part of one of our developments.