Property Inspections

Formal tenancy visits will occur every six months for all tenants. 

Purpose of Property Visits

These visits are to: 

  • ensure the property features suit the needs of the tenant
  • make sure tenants are meeting all the conditions of their lease agreement 
  • provide tenants with an opportunity to discuss their tenancy and housing careers
  • discuss with tenants their property responsibilities and the routine tasks they can do to keep key parts of the property functioning well
  • report on cyclical maintenance on dwellings
  • check the quality of recently completed maintenance work
  • observe the property and environs to identify any new issues

Process of Property Visits

We need to follow the Residential Tenancy Act, so JFHA will send a letter 7-14 days prior to a scheduled home visit to enable tenants the opportunity to prepare.

Tenants can choose to have someone else with them for the tenancy visit - e.g. relative, friend or support worker. 

At the home visit the Property Management Coordinator will: 

  • inspect all the rooms in the property and the yard to assess the condition relative to JFHA Property Standards 
  • discuss the suitability of the property features with the tenant and identify any adaptations/modifications required
  • review each of the planned maintenance items and report on its projected lifespan and condition
  • review each of the programmed maintenance items to ensure they are being completed by trades
  • confirm the details of everyone living in the tenancy
  • check the details of the next of kin and/or anyone providing personal support
  • talk to the tenant about their tenancy and the conditions of the lease agreement 
  • talk to the tenant about any concerns they or Julia Farr may have - e.g. rent charges, debt and disruptive neighbours

Reminder of tenant maintenance responsibilities

JFHA will remind tenants of tasks they can routinely perform to assist in the ongoing maintenance and performance of the property’s features. This will include:

  • responsibility for air-conditioning and servicing
  • annual cleaning of gutters
  • automatic doors
  • vacuuming tracks in sliding doors and
  • appropriate cleaning of wet area floors to prevent slips.