Register for Housing

The Julia Farr Housing Association is a Community Housing Provider.

In addition to recording your interest in JFHA Housing Programs, you should register your interest for Community Housing to ensure all suitable housing opportunities are available to you.

To become a tenant of one of our houses, you must meet the desired tenant profile of a specific dwelling.

The JFHA desired tenant profile may include:

  • a person who lives with disability and receives a high level of personal support, and is referred by Disability SA from the supported accommodation waiting list
  • a person who lives with disability and who is an appropriate match for the access features of a dwelling
  • a marginalised person who is on a low to very low income
  • a non-marginalised person who is on a low or moderate income who has the capacity to positively contribute to the neighbourhood
  • other persons as agreed.

In addition, to be eligible for public and community housing you must:

  • live in South Australia
  • not own or part own a house
  • meet defined income and asset eligibility
  • have a housing need that cannot be met by private rental accommodation.

The Government of South Australia website is a valuable source of information about public and community housing and outlines eligibility criteria and registration processes.

You can register for public and community housing jointly at any Housing SA office (details available here) or by completing the Public and Community Housing Registration of Interest form.

To register for Community Housing only, please contact your preferred provider to discuss your needs and obtain their registration of interest form.

If you have chosen the Julia Farr Housing Association as your preferred provider and meet our desired tenant profile, please complete our Registration of Interest form available below and return it to us.