Values and Practices


Our approach is grounded in the belief that good housing is paramount to people's lives. Our work is underpinned by the following values:

  • People living with disability are able to exercise personal authority (Personhood). We look for opportunities for people living with disability and their families to exercise control over key decisions in their lives as they relate to their dwelling and tenancy.
  • People living with disability are active citizens in the life of the community (Citizenhood). We focus on advancing and upholding housing designs and locations which place people living with disability as valued members of community life alongside their non-disabled peers.
  • The capacity of people living with disability is enhanced, at the level of the individual, and the family and the community (Capacity Building). We design dwelling features which enhance individuals' capacity, reducing their reliance on external personal support.


Our practices are continually improved as we explore what it means to be a good social landlord in an environment where tenants often rely on a separate support provider entering their home to assist with daily living tasks.

To provide the best housing for our tenants, we:

  • spend time with our tenants to understand what is important to them, and tailor their home to their individual needs
  • explore ways to ensure our housing designs feature built-in adaptability
  • self-impose limits on the number of people living within each house
  • explore models of housing which ensure people are in their rightful position within our community.