The Julia Farr Housing Association (JFHA) was established to provide and manage community based accommodation for people living with disability, who wish to return to the community from institutional settings, namely the Highgate Park campus (formally Julia Farr Services/Julia Farr Centre/Home for the Incurables).

JFHA initially managed a small number of group homes, but quickly recognised tenants were better served by accommodation options which enabled them to live in single dwellings, with fewer tenants, within the community. 

JFHA developed the principle of separating housing from personal support arrangements which allows people to change either their housing or personal support. This principle continues today.

JFHA is a not for profit charitable organisation and not part of any government services. If you are looking for Julia Farr Services/Julia Farr Centre/Home for the Incurables, they are part of the South Australian State Government and known as:

Disability SA, Highgate Park,
103 Fisher St, Fullarton SA ,
phone (08) 8272 1988.