Julia Farr Housing Association

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Design and Construction

The Julia Farr Housing Association (JFHA) believes good design, location and construction make a significant difference to the lives of our tenants and those we assist to build their own homes. We are passionate about access and work with trusted contractors to design and construct a range of fully accessible dwellings suited to individuals, couples, families and co-tenancy arrangements.

We don't accept threshold ramps at building entrances; we believe we can always achieve flush entrances if we design appropriately. You won't find steps or stairs in our homes and will be hard pressed to find an annoying lip or ridge. Our kitchens are designed with adjustable bench heights and light and power switches are placed where everyone can reach them. Our doors are wide and easy to navigate, even if you use a large electronic wheelchair. All of our new dwellings exceed both Adaptable and Liveable Design Standards. 

We hope our practice standards in accessible design will encourage the wider availability of accessible, affordable housing in all neighbourhoods.